Saturday 1st - Sunday 9th June.

9 days of walks in beautiful NE Wales.  Please come and join us!


Saturday 3rd - Sunday 11th June

9 days of walks in beautiful North-East Wales.

A record-breaking total of 557 people including 182 newcomers joined us on the 22 walks.

Thank you for walking with us and we look forward to seeing you again in June 2024!

First Aid at you Fingertips

The British Red Cross has produced a very useful free smart phone app to give you first aid skills wherever you are.  It

'features simple, easy-to-learn skills for a range of first aid situations, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies, from severe winter weather to road traffic accidents.
'With videos, interactive quizzes and simple, step-by-step guides, it’s never been easier to learn first aid.

'The information you need is all hosted on the app itself, which means no internet connection is needed, making it fast and easy to access.'

To download the app, go to - https://www.redcross.org.uk/first-aid/first-aid-apps


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