Documents for Walk Leaders

Here are some documents that walk leaders may find useful.

Please ask all new walkers to read the New Walker Guidance which replaces the old Health Questionnaires.  Please keep Walk Registers and Risk Assessments in a safe and secure location for 12 months for insurance purposes.

New Walker Guidance (Oct 2018).doc New Walker Guidance (Oct 2018).doc
Size : 375.5 Kb
Type : doc
WAWD Walk Leader procedures.doc WAWD Walk Leader procedures.doc
Size : 0.186 Kb
Type : doc
Advice on Dealing with Confrontations.doc Advice on Dealing with Confrontations.doc
Size : 0.348 Kb
Type : doc
Advice on Dogs.doc Advice on Dogs.doc
Size : 0.026 Kb
Type : doc
WAWD Incident Report Form.doc WAWD Incident Report Form.doc
Size : 0.184 Kb
Type : doc
Microsoft Word - Cue Card.pdf Microsoft Word - Cue Card.pdf
Size : 0.05 Kb
Type : pdf
Revised Insurance Schedule (May 2019).pdf Revised Insurance Schedule (May 2019).pdf
Size : 523.733 Kb
Type : pdf
Insurance FAQs for Walkers.pdf Insurance FAQs for Walkers.pdf
Size : 78.417 Kb
Type : pdf
Insurance FAQs.pdf Insurance FAQs.pdf
Size : 84.596 Kb
Type : pdf

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